3 legged rescue cat is found 3 days after house fire

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Tortie was missing for three days after a devastating and deadly fire at her Palmer Township, Pennsylvania home, then was found in the wreckage and reunited with her petmom on Wednesday.

Tortie’s petmom and the owner of the burned home is Christine Wolfe, a veterinary technician who had 20 animals, mostly cats, along with one or two dogs, living with her at the time of the fire that broke out on the screened porch Sunday night and burned until 4 am Monday, destroying the home.

Firefighters rescued fifteen cats and at least one dog Sunday night but, sadly,a few cats perished in the fire. Christine and the home’s other occupant were not hurt in the fire.

Tortie was counted among the dead until she was found alive yesterday. She had been trapped beneath a sofa during the fire and was found hiding behind the bodies of two of the fire’s victims on Wednesday.

Tortie is one of Christine’s rescue kitties who needed a home and found that home with the caring veterinary professional. She lost a back leg to amputation after it was severely broken with multiple fractures during her life with a previous owner.

Tortie was weak from lack of food and water when found and was taken to the vet for observation and care.

One of the home’s two residents heard “popping and snapping noises” when the fire broke out and initially thought the sounds came from the cats playing with something. Once she saw the fire’s orange glow, the woman ran to a neighbor’s house and called 911. The cats are safe in the care of the Center for Animal Health and Welfare shelter as Christine makes arrangements for housing, since her home is completely uninhabitable as it is.

“It was a miracle,” animal activist Ellie Reismeier said of Tortie’s survival and rescue. “She was hiding behind two dead cats, we don’t know how she survived.”

“It’s really great news and I am so thankful about that,” Christine said.

As though the loss of her home and some of her cats is not bad enough, Christine says she is being beaten up on the internet for having 20 animal living in her home, and has been called a hoarder. She denies that accusation and says she truly loves the animals and provides proper care for them, and took them in because they had nowhere else to go.

Christine’s happy reunion is Tortie is seen in the video news report from WFMZ, in Allentown:

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LV Fire Pix posted this large album of photographs from the scene of the fire online HERE.



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