3-Legged Cat “Attends” Famous University

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At Cambridge University’s Marshall Library, students have a new way of relieving pre-exam stress.

Meet Jasper, a five year-old orange male cat who after losing his left hind leg in a car accident was abandoned by his owners.  He was adopted from a shelter by Marshall Library of Economics’ deputy librarian Simon Frost.

After his owner brought him to work, Jasper quickly became a hit with students.  A “Tea With Jasper” event recently attracted over 140 fans and similar events are in the works as Jasper is now the library’s “official mascot.”

Jasper likes to spend his time at Cambridge browsing the shelves and sleeping on copies of the Financial Times, though Frost says he’s a little more adventurous at home.


“He’s bouncy like Tigger, because he has three legs, and he’s a bit unstable when he moves slowly- so he goes everywhere at speed,” Frost told BBC News.  Jasper also likes to climb trees, “but he can’t get down,” he added.

“Students coming to visit and pet Jasper told us just how much he’d calmed them down, and helped relieve any stress,”  Librarian Clare Trowell said.  “Many of them were missing their own cats or other pets.”

Jasper now has his own hashtag – #economicscat – and frequently uses social media to make library announcements.

The university also now has a cat club on Facebook, where cat lovers and students who are missing their pets can share photos.


For the fully story visit http://www.bbc.com/



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