Kitten is Rescued and Revived After Fire

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A Michigan family is grateful to the firefighters that revived their new little kitten following a fire.

Dawn and Pat Wilson and their 4 year old son Zach have been staying at the Colonial Inn in Leoni Township, Michigan while their house in homer is being renovated.

The family was heading back from a nature walk Saturday afternoon when they saw  emergency crews at the inn.

There had been a fire.

The Wilsons were worried because the kitten they’d only had for one day was in their room. Pat slipped under the emergency tape and got permission to search the room, which had suffered smoke damage. He was looking for Tiger, the new kitten.

“The cat was on the floor by the bathroom, not moving,”Wilson said. “I thought he was dead until the firefighter said, ‘No, he isn’t.’”

As the family worriedly comforted one another, Blackman-Leoni Public Safety Officer Dave Lubahn employed a small sized pet oxygen mask, and after several minutes Tiger was revived.

“We don’t want animals to die either,” said Blackman-Leoni Township Public Safety Director Mike Jester. “People are our priority, but if we can help animals, we’ll try. [The cat] appears to be breathing okay now.”

The family took Tiger to the vet to be checked out after the firefighters brought him around.

“That was awesome … it’s bad enough the dangers that come with what [firefighters] do, but to see that was pretty cool,” Pat Wilson said.

The Blackman-Leoni Township Department of Public Safety provides police, fire and emergency medical services to the residents of Blackman Township and Leoni Township. All officers are cross-trained as police officers, fire fighters and to at least the medical first responder level.









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