Kitten Found at Yarnell Hill Fire Goes Up For Adoption

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Update: Pele was adopted on Thursday evening, July 18, 2013. Second news video with the adoption story added below..



Pele, a friendly kitten found by humane officers checking on pets during the recent deadly Yarnell Hill fire in Arizona where 19 firefighters gave their lives, was unclaimed and goes up for adoption at 6 pm tonight as part of an adoption event at the Arizona Humane Society.

“One day they were driving along and little Pele was just walking through the streets of Yarnell so sweet and so adorable. They were responding to a house and she was getting under their feet, she was following them around,” said Bretta Nelson, of AHS.

“We had all these descriptions of animals and she didn’t fit them so technically we weren’t looking for her, but she was definitely looking for us because the minute they got out of the truck, she never left their side. So they scooped her up brought her back to our temporary shelter.”

Pele is named for the Hawaiian goddess of fire.


Photo via Kristen Keogh- Fox 10 News at Facebook


Kristen Keogh- Fox 10 News posted at Facebook on July 6: “This baby kitty was displaced by the Yarnell Hill Fire. Now the AZ Humane Society is taking care of her at Wickenburg High School along with 26 other animals.” Kristen took a special interest in the kitten and did a followup story today.


Photo via AHS at Facebook


The Arizona Humane Society wrote at Facebook on July 7: “This adorable kitty was excited to see our EAMTs in Yarnell yesterday. This domestic short hair is sweet and loves people, but unfortunately there is ID and no indication of previous owner. We’re on the search for this kitty’s owners.”

Pele is the little star of the Project 121 kickoff. The humane society takes in an average of 121 animals every day. Hopefully, Pele’s fame will bring attention to the project and all of the other deserving pets looking for homes through AHS.

“Keep in mind there are hundred and hundreds just like her that may not have the same exact story but they still have a story and they still need a forever home,” says Ms. Nelson.

Pele is being offered at the AHS’s Sunnyslope location in Phoenix.

Photo via Kristen Keogh- Fox 10 News at Facebook

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  1. After reading and watching the two videos of the cuties little kitten Pele. I think she was sent by angels of the fallen 19 fire fighters to give peace at Yarnell Hill Community.

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