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Katy-Kitty, as found, with her little eyes gunked nearly shut from an infection.


The all volunteer Bakersfield, CA cat rescue group The Cat People took in a sickly little kitten this week and immediately got her some much needed care. Katy-Kitty responded well, and two days later The Cat People had a spunky and playful little kitten on their hands.

The Cat People shared Katy-kitty’s photos and updates at Facebook:

October 28:  “We just picked up a sick kitten off the street in this cold, stormy weather. Her eyes were glued shut with gunk, and her nose is bubbling with snot. She is warm now and seeing the vet tomorrow. Even though she doesn’t feel good, she is sitting in her foster mom’d lap purring. Poor thing!!”

October 29: ” Little Katy-Kitty just got back from the vet. She has eye medication and antibiotics. We can’t wait to watch her improve!”

The video below tells Katy-Kitty’s story and shows her at play.

Katy-Kitty, looking much better after beginning treatment.






The Cat People, an all-volunteer organization, was founded in October of 1990, in Bakersfield, California, by two friends outraged at the treatment of abandoned helpless felines. They soon gathered a group of compassionate individuals who wanted to help these animals. The mission statement grew to encompass the plight of homeless felines city-wide. Out of this grass-roots effort grew a non profit organization with a Board of Directors and a solid administrative base.



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