Joplin tornado pet reunion: Cat Baloo finds her family after 7 months

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Animals Lost & Found from the Joplin, Mo tornado posted this heartwarming reunion photo earlier this week, as they reported that after 7 months of living in a destroyed home after the Joplin tornado, Cat Baloo went home to her petmom on Tuesday evening. The clearinghouse page for rescue efforts and lost and found pets had previously mentioned that there was a strong possibility for a reunion in the works, and this photo of Cat Baloo and her petmom shows the happy result.
A  band of rescuers has worked nonstop to locate cats who became separated from their families during the May 22 tornado that destroyed homes and habitats, and traumatized thousands of animals who experienced the devastatingly powerful event. They maintain feeding stations, trap displaced cats, deal with lost and found listings and work with residents who may be feeding or caring for lost cats.
The rescuers caught an older cat in recent days while on a rescue mission involving a feeding station near a property slated for reconstruction. As is their practice, the rescuers are working with the contractor/property owner on the rescue mission in order to get the cats moved before construction starts in January.
When contacted, Cat Baloo’s petmom was not sure whether the cat was hers. A few details in the found cat’s description did not quite seem to fit, though most details pointed to a positive match.   Rescuers have seen repeatedly that displaced tornado pets can look different than remembered, and often do not seem by their behavior to be the missing pet. Whirley and Frosty are two cats whose reunions we’ve posted on that demonstrated the point; they did not initially respond to their owners or recognize their names.
The petmom and her granddaughter came to make the identification, and the happy reunion ensued. Seven long months later, Cat Baloo is back with her family.


We have reprinted below the information and chipin link to help the Joplin tornado pet rescuers with the costs of their operations. This comes directly from the Animals Lost & Found from the Joplin, Mo tornado page.

Tornado Pet Search and Rescue Donation Information

Animals Lost and Found from the Joplin, MO Tornado and Spirit of Christ MCC have teamed up with a group of individuals who have been searching for pets displaced from the Joplin Tornado since it happened. We are trying to help them collect the funds they desperately need to get more off the streets and care for the ones they can’t get before the really cold weather hits.

If you would like to donate electronically, our chip in account is located here (you can copy and paste the link or use the link below):

If you would prefer to mail your donation, you can send it to: Spirit of Christ MCC at the Bayberry Square116 North Rangeline Road Ste 105 Joplin, MO 64801

Anyone donating money or items will be mailed donation letter within 3-5 days.

The ChipIn is open ended; it does not have a goal amount.

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