Jack The Cat & Karen Pascoe Share Secret Visit

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Now that Karen Pascoe is headed back home, Jack The Cat is Lost in AA Baggage Facebook page reports tonight that she spent the weekend visiting with her beloved ca, Jack. The visit was kept hush hush to avoid a media circus at the veterinary hospital, showing that Karen’s first priority is her boy and his health.

Jack has some very serious health issues as a result of his two months spent largely without food while lost at the American Airlines section of JFK airport. Jack was discovered when he fell through ceiling tiles in the AA customs room five days ago. We are not sure how long he may have been in between floors and whether he was trapped there. What we do know is that Jack was malnourished to the point where he was in serious danger from complications.

There have been reports in recent days giving his condition as anywhere between serious, critical, and on death’s door. The Facebook page run by his family acknowledged very serious concerns but has been optimistic about a recovery.

Last week, veterinary internist Nicole Pacifico spoke to the press, saying “Jack is still critical at this time. He has shown some improvement, but the biggest issue is some life-threatening skin wounds that are present. He is severely muscle-wasted and has evidence of fatty liver syndrome, which lets us know his malnourishment was pretty chronic.”

Our last post on Jack, on Thursday, 10/27,  reported that he had undergone surgery for a leg wound and come out of that in good shape. By Friday he was reported to be stable and doing a bit better than the day before. A blood transfusion brought his red blood cell count up. The good news from Saturday is that Jack stood up on his own for a short time; another encouraging sign.

The Facebook page ecstatically posted tonight, “GOOD NEWS!! Everything the vet is measuring on Jack is trending in the direction of him getting healthier!!! AND… our boy ate some food on his own!!!!”

Onward and upward … we hope, to a great recovery for Jack.

22 thoughts on “Jack The Cat & Karen Pascoe Share Secret Visit”

  1. It’s so great that Jack and his owner got to meet, for with Jack seeing her and receiving love, rubs, and hugs from her will surely help in his healing process.
    Praying for Jacks full recovery and safe trip back home.

  2. It was not his weight. She was traveling with 2 cats and the airline would not allow 2 carriers. She would have had to put both cats in one carrier and they were to heavy for that to be done….AA dropped the ball here, by stacking the crates. The one with Jack fell and broke open. That is how he got out and lost..Not Karen’s fault at all. AA’s, as witness the $$ and time they have had to spend to look for Jack and accomadate Karen’s travel back and forth….Go to the Webpage and read from the beginning, about how this all happened…

  3. That is so true. Animals bond just as we bond. The fact that she was able to spend time with him and he with her, is very important…Animals just shut down when scared and alone. Thank heaven for this vet, have heard very good things about her. Praying also for quick and full recovery and safe trip home….

  4. It would be nice if, in a situation like that, they would allow her to pay extra and have the extra carrier placed under a seat mate’s seat if they don’t mind. Could even give the seat mate a small discount. I’d let someone put their pet’s carrier under my seat if needed, no problem.

  5. There you go. Thanks. I had a feeling that Karen most likely was not the problem. I just didn’t know what advise she had been given or what type of carrier she had used or if AA had in some way opened the crate. Now I know the real problem was all along AA. Thank you for clearing that up. I have no love for AA over this trust me. They should have taken more care than that. Karen, good luck in the cross country drive with Jack. Take care and have a safe trip home. Hope Jack gets better and is ready to go very soon. :)))))

  6. I think for those traveling across the oceans and are concerned as I would be, check into ships rather than flying. There are transatlantic ships with accomodations for pets. Some are quite nice. If I knew I had to relocate, I would save up for this option instead of flying.

  7. As a FOJ (friend of Jack) from the start of the 2nd week of him going missing, I can tell you it was also his weight. The weight limit is 15lbs and both Jack and Barry were over that weight limit.

  8. So glad you are recovering and back Jack. I know your human mom is so please to have you back so please keep on recovering so you can go back home and be with your mom and other playment also.

  9. The airlines need to change their practises BIG TIME. Cats should not be escaping, no matter if the baggage carriers are sloppy and let them fall. The airlines should develop what I would suggest be called PET PODS wherein the animal’s own carrier will be slipped inside a Fort Knox style metal welded one-piece carrier with a gate that can withstand dropping from any height. On booking the pet’s flight, the measurement of the carrier it will arrive in must be supplied so that a Pet Pod of the correct measurements is ready. Upon surrender of the pet for loading, the carrier with pet will be immediately secured in the Pet Pod in the owner’s presence.

    I am sure there are a dozen companies that could design a foolproof pod. It is clear that when a cat escapes, it is a miracle to recover the pet alive, a miracle if their life will ever be the same. If airlines accept pets for travel, they must stop being so negligent. Pets that fly are obviously valued by their owners as integral family members. Even one life ruined is bad enough, but the airline pet incidents website is showing an alarming number of pet escape incidents. It is horrifying — and shameful because it’s so unnecessary.

  10. Poor little guy! He has been through hell! I am glad he is doing well. I heard this story on the news, back when he first got lost.

  11. Is appears that Mona is referring to the Jack The Cat … Facebook page. she can correct me if I am wrong and she gets the comment update.

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