Henry and his foster kittens

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In our post of May 16, “Special needs male cat adopts abandoned kittens,” we shared the story of a young male cat with a neurological condition who has taken on a nurturing parental role for a litter of rescued kittens that came into his home to be given foster care.

Heather Muench of the Ketchikan Humane Society in Ketchikan, Alaska is Henry’s petmom and she is also fostering the kittens, who were barely more than a week old when they were put in a cardboard box and dumped.

“Luckily, some children walking home from school heard them crying in their box,” Heather said in a radio interview with KBRD.

Henry is also a Ketchikan Humane Society rescue kitty, who is slightly handicapped by a neurological disorder that causes him to a little unsteady when he walks.

The sweet orange tabby wanted to take care of the kittens as soon as Heather brought them home and his loving care may be the key to their survival.

“Young Henry has decided to help take care of some tiny kittens that need some extra help,” the Ketchikan Humane Society wrote in their introduction to a video showing Henry with his babies. We are posting this update to show that video.

KHS tells the story in brief, writing: “8-month-old male cat Henry (also a KHS rescue) has adopted a litter of abandoned kittens that came to Ketchikan Humane Society a few weeks ago. Henry’s strong mothering instinct is a surprise, and it’s also a gift, because he could make all the difference to whether the kittens survive.

“These kittens were left on the side of highway on Prince of Wales Island when they were barely a week old. They have required around the clock care and feeding and still have the odds stacked against them but with the help of Henry (and the foster family) they are continuing to progress.”

Watch as Henry Fosters Tiny Kittens:




Henry and his foster kittens

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  1. pretty little souls great that he want to give them lots of loving. cats who grow up without a parent normally have problems adjusting. they need a parent to teach them how to act! we see this a lot in our shelter when we get cats whose mother is no longer with them. and kudos to the kids thank you for being a kind souls to help the out!

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