He’ll be home for Christmas, and Duke Ellington’s family cannot think of a better gift

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Duke Ellington of Mechanicville NY was severely injured in a hit and run accident on Sunday, struck by a car and left for dead.  Fortunately, a local animal control officer happened to be in traffic nearby and was able to rescue the little accident victim in time. Duke received life saving medical care at the Ballston Spa Veterinary Clinic.

Duke’s doctor at the clinic said it was touch and go at first, but a 3 1/2 hour surgery has put Duke on the mend. He has lost an eye and his face is still swollen but doctors say he is doing remarkably well.  They say  Duke’s troubles are not over yet, though; his jaw remains wired and he has some difficulty eating on his own, and there may be another surgery some time in the future.

Katrina Dancz and her young son Ethan were worried that Duke might not pull through, but now that he has had surgery and is showing great progress, they are thrilled that he is recovering and will be allowed to go home in time for Christmas.  They say Duke’s return home will be their greatest gift this year.

Katrina expressed her thanks to the Ballston spa Veterinary Clinic, not only for saving Duke Ellington’s life after he went into their care, but for taking his case. She says other vets turned him away.

This local news report tells more on the story.



3 thoughts on “He’ll be home for Christmas, and Duke Ellington’s family cannot think of a better gift”

  1. there is no love better a cat. I can imagine the excitement when he comes home, Just bet the good Lord had a part in his recovery.

  2. Duke you are a very beautiful looking cat and I just love your story and so glad that you will alright and will be home with your family for Christmas. Get better.

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