6 thoughts on “Grumpy Christmas: Grumpy Cat and Pokey on Christmas Day”

  1. I don’t think you page should post such videos of owners torturing their cats with such supposed ‘cute’ costumes on that completely defy evolution and nature. Humans can tolerate such things as we’ve worn clothing for thousands of years.
    Watching that video is like watching a horror movie of some torturer who after applying his torturous trade on a victim sits back and watches with satisfaction as his victim struggles in agony. Disgusting!

  2. Really? I can tell you some of the things that humans have done to cats, and they make dressing them up seem pretty benign.

  3. This response is for Megan – My cats would not like costumes, but frankly from what I have seen I don’t think Tarder Sauce & Pokey have problems with that. They appear to be more agreeable with hats, costumes, photos, videos, etc. I just don’t think it’s torture to dress up cats that don’t mind it.

    I thought the video was a bit uncharacteristic of these two wonderful little ones. They definitely appeared cranky and that’s unusual. It’s Christmastime, there were probably lots of people around, making a ton of noise, maybe even doting a little too much on the cats. Holidays can be very stressful for pets with so much going on. Schedules were probably disrupted, and there may have been some pressure on the owners to put something up for their followers to see. From what I can see this family loves these kittens very much.

  4. These two cats (Tarter sauce or Tard or whatever that poor cat’s name is) and Pokey are obviously congenital anomalies with what appears to be motor delays and possibly even developmental delay. You wouldn’t put a stupid outfit on a child with cerebral palsy and make mean spirited videos of them, or would you..

  5. well Tard and Pokey look like completely happy and healthy cats to me, my mother and father in law’s cat has little legs and a little face probably due to a development problem, but it doesnt bring her down, shes very healthy and very happy, dont forget tard is well known for her grumpy face (hence the name “grumpy cat, GEDDIT?!) i dont think you should judge based on one video, if you dont agree with putting clothes on pets, fine what ever, but dont judge the owners and say horrible and ignorent things like that when you dont even know anything about them! and bring up children with special needs is bang out of order too!

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