Good Samaritans Rescue 4 Kittens, Get Animal Control to Rescue 5th Kitten from Storm Drain

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A Knoxville, TN trucking company employee and his veterinarian wife, who rescued four kittens on Sunday, got Animal Control to rescue a fifth kitten from a storm drain on Monday. All the kittens are well cared for now.

The Averitt Trucking employee found the first four kittens in the road Sunday night and took them home. He heard a fifth kitten crying but was unable to get it up from a drain topped by a heavy iron grate,

The rescuer came back in the morning with his wife, who is a veterinarian. They called animal control and a team came out to rescue the kitten.

“He was probably about 10 or so yards up the drain and he was in the water so he didn’t want to come out. Cats hate water,” said Dr. Michele Franco.

The vet used the opportunity to speak out to remind the public of the importance of spay and neuter.

The kittens will be spayed and neutered when they are ready and will go to the Young Williams Animal Center for adoption when they are old enough and ready for homes.

The rescue was captured on video:

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