Firefighters Rescue Black Cat from House Fire

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Galesburg, IL firefighter Ben Gleason hold the black cat rescued from a house fire on Tuesday, February 11, 2013.
Photos, Steve Davis/ Register-Mail

Nobody but the cat was home when fire broke out at a four unit apartment building in Galesburg, IL last Tuesday afternoon.  The cat, who firefighters nicknamed Cinders, was rescued from the burning building by the Galesburg Fire Department.

Galesburg firefighter Ben Gleason cradled Cinders in his arms as the pair got some fresh air outside. Cinders was warmed and comforted by his rescuer and the small white towel wrapped around him.

As the photo at bottom shows, black, sooty smoke poured out a window opening as the crew worked on the fire.

Crews from the Galesburg Fire Department responded to the fire burning on the upper level of the residential building and extinguished it in less than an hour.  The apartment manager said two units were rented  the other two were unoccupied.

Read the full story at the Galesburg Register-Mail.






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