Dog Saves Cat’s Life With Emergency Blood Transfusion

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Kim Edwards and Rory


Rory needed help fast after ingesting rat poison and becoming very sick. A friend’s dog donated blood at the vet’s suggestion and Rory made a miraculous recovery.

Three weeks ago, Rory was on the brink of death. The blood transfusion from a black lab bought him back, and now he is fine.

When the terrible incident occurred, Rory’s guardian, Kim Edwards of Tauranga, NZ, heard him howling in pain, issuing a “horrible gutteral cry.” Rory was in utter distress and was unable to move in his agony.

Kim rushed her cat to Tauranga Vets where it was discovered that he’d ingested rat poison and his life was in grave danger.

Dr Kate Heller knew that Rory’s only chance was with a blood transfusion, but time was running out, the lab was closed and she couldn’t wait long for the results of a blood test to determine his type.

“If you give a cat just one milligram of the wrong type of cat blood it will kill it, but they don’t have pre-formed antibodies to dog blood so that was our only option,” Dr. Heller explained to a reporter from Sun Live news.

“We didn’t have any option but to watch him die or try something and hope it worked.”

According to a report by Channel 3 news, “Cats don’t have antibodies that reject dogs’ blood, so a transfusion may buy enough time for the cat to regenerate its own red blood cells. But only one transfusion can be done because a second dose of dog blood will be the death of the cat.”

Kim contacted her friend from book club,  Michelle Whitmore, who agreed to help. “[I had] never heard of anything like that before. I thought she was joking,” Michelle recalls.  Reassured that it was no joke, Michelle brought her black lab Macie to the vets, where she provided blood for Rory’s transfusion.

Within an hour and a half of his transfusion, Rory was up, purring and ready for food, in a recovery Dr. Heller calls amazing.

This was the first time a dog to cat transfusion was done at Tauranga Vets.

Michelle Whitmore
Michelle Whitmore and Macy


There are two video news reports from New Zealand, that we are unfortunately unable to embed here. For the Channel 3 News report, click the link below

Dog Saves Cat by Donating Blood video report

The veterinary practice has a Tauranga Veterinary Services Ltd page at Facebook that does not have a lot of “likes” and could use some love.

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