Cat shot with arrow is reunited with his petdad

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A cat found with an arrow sticking through from his face to his shoulder Monday has gotten help and has been reunited with his petdad.

Lea Toth, a certified EMT, took Buster to the vet. She was driving to work Monday morning when she saw several cars stopped in the road in Jeannette, PA, with people standing around looking at something. The other drivers were standing by a cat who’d been pierced by an arrow and were preventing him from being hit by passing cars.

Toth spoke with WTAE News, saying:

“I looked down and the cat was laying in between two yellow lines and the arrow was straight through it I had never seen anything like that.

“Oh it was deep. It was the whole way through its bottom cheek and it came the whole way out, down its scapular and almost out the other side of its shoulder.”

“Even though the cat was in a great deal of pain, you could tell it was still purring and every time you pet it – it just wanted love.”

The EMT stabilised and comforted the cat before taking him to the vet. Fortunately, the arrow had not struck any vital organs.

Buster, a Bengal cat mix, underwent two surgeries and had the arrow removed at Pittsburgh East Medical Hospital in Greensburg.

Buster was reunited with his petdad Tuesday.

“I was notified by someone who’d seen it on Facebook,” Buster’s owner, Greg Brooks told WTAE, continuing:

“How could anyone be so cruel and heartless to do something to a precious animal like that. I treat my cat like it’s my kid, you know. You hear that my cat got shot with a bow and arrow that’s pretty devastating. I’m still not over it. I’m so glad that he’s feeling better and he’s able to come home with me tonight.”

Buster is expected to make a good recovery. He will remain on antibiotics for the next couple of weeks as he recovers from surgery.

Police say they have not determined if Buster’s shooting was accidental or intentional, but they are looking for the person who shot him.

Watch the WTAE channel 4 report on the story:




WTAE shared the animal hospital’s address for those who wish to help defray the cost of Buster’s surgery.

Checks, with Buster written in the memo space, should be mailed to:
Pittsburgh East Animal Hospital/Animal Care Fund
1718 Golden Mile Highway
Monroeville, Pa. 15146

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  1. I am glad people stopped to help and protect this beautiful cat and that he will be okay. But this is another reason to keep your cats indoors….there are far too many sick evil pigs out there….

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