Cat Saves Several People from Colorado Flooding

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A cat named Jezebel is being credited with saving her family along with the visitors renting cottages from them at Whispering Pines Cottages in Estes Park, Colorado, which suffered from devastating floods in recent days.

Jon Johnson was sleeping when the Big Thompson River flooded, putting him, his wife Deyn Johnson and the cottage occupants in danger.

Jezebel woke her petdad by yowling and batting him in the face until he awoke. Once alerted to the danger, Jon and Deyn ran from cottage to cottage, banging on doors and shouting to the sleeping guests, “Purse! Keys! Medicine! Go!”

The waters rose to dangerous levels within minutes, but everyone was safely evacuated before three cottages were swept away and another three were turned on their sides.

“We had no warning other than the cat,” Deyn Johnson said in an AP report. “She is going to be treated like a queen for the rest of her life.”

Whispering Pines Cottage via Whispering Pines Cottages on the River

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