Cape Cod Cat Willow is Rescued by Good Samaritan and Gets Help

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One week after surgery Willow returns to Angell Animal Medical Center for a bandage change. Soon he’ll be available for adoption.
Photo, MSPCA-Angell


A cat rescued by a Good Samaritan on Cape Cod  was found to be suffering from a painful foot  injury, and his specialized orthopedic surgery was paid for by an organization’s fund for homeless animals. His surgeons surmise Willow fell from a great height, perhaps going out a window or off of a roof.

Willow will recuperate in foster care for a couple of  months before being made available for adoption.


Serious Paw Injury Lands Cape Cod Cat in Hospital

BOSTON and Centerville, Mass., Aug. 27, 2013 – A sweet and striking-looking orange and white cat is recovering at Angell Animal Medical Center after using at least one of his nine lives after suffering a serious and painful injury to one of his paws, the MSPCA-Centerville announced today.  “Willow,” as the cat has come to be known, underwent specialized orthopedic surgery at Angell to save his paw, giving him a new lease on life and a chance at finding a permanent adoptive home.

Mysterious Injury Stumps Seasoned Team

The injured cat, believed to be about four years old, was brought to the MSPCA’s Cape Cod adoption center on July 19 by a good Samaritan who found him limping around a Hyannis, Mass. neighborhood.  Adoption center staffers immediately settled the frightened feline into a warm cage with food and water.  X-rays were ordered which showed two dislocated toes and severely torn ligaments on his front left paw.  “While we can’t know with certainty how Willow hurt himself this kind of injury is consistent with a fall, perhaps from a great height,” said Mary Sarah Baker, director of the MSPCA-Centerville adoption center.

The complexity of Willow’s injury meant that specialized orthopedic surgery performed at Angell was the only option to save his leg.  “Surgery, combined with what can be lengthy recovery times, is always difficult for animals—but the alternative was to amputate Willow’s leg, and we wanted to do all we could to save it,” added Baker.

The Angell orthopedic surgery team, comprised of Drs. Andrew Goodman and Nick Trout, performed the delicate two-hour operation on Aug. 15.  Said Dr. Goodman, “Willow’s paw was in very rough shape, with dislocated ligaments so severe that we decided the best course of action was to fuse two of the bones in his foot, which would provide greater stability and significantly reduce his pain.”  Best of all, according to Dr. Goodman, Willow will now be able to walk pain free.


Willow’s Road to Recovery

Willow’s surgery and medical care, about $3,000 in all, has been paid for by the MSPCA-Centerville’s Guardian Angel Fund, which offsets treatment costs for homeless animals that the organization works tirelessly to place into forever homes.  Thus far in 2013 approximately $15,000 from the fund has been used to render life saving treatment to dozens of dogs, cats and other animals living at the Centerville adoption center—animals who then were placed into new homes.  Anyone who wishes to contribute to the fund may do so by clicking here.

Following surgery Willow spent one day recovering at Angell, after which he was moved to a foster home to continue his recovery.  The MSPCA predicts he will be available for permanent adoption in about two months.



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