Bonded Trio of Dumped Senior Cats are Rescued Together

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Photo via Cat Connection at Facebook


A rescuer from Sherman Oaks, California based Cat Connection witnessed the seemingly callous dumping of three bonded senior cats at the East Valley Shelter in Van Nuys earlier this month and set out to try to save the cats and keep them together.

Cat Connection posted at Facebook on September 3, saying:

‘Two days ago I witnessed an elderly couple drop three of their very own senior cats at the East Valley Shelter. Reason: going traveling. After 12 years of love and loyalty, they drop them off in a city shelter. Laughing the whole time they walked out with the crates in hand. It took every last bit of restraint for me to not let my thoughts and sentiments out.

“I am asking you all to please help save these Big BEAUTIFUL 12 yr old bonded cats. A pair is hard, three will be a miracle. But it has happened. They have a little to no chance of getting adopted.

“They are very, very, very sweet. They came out (especially the chocolate point/long hair. They let me pet them. No hissing or growling. The brown tabby was a little shy but came out as I was leaving. THEY ARE BIG. Not fat, just large beautiful cats.



The post was shared a thousand times, and a discussion at the Facebook page centered in part on finding a way to keep the three dumped senior cats together and alive. Chances were slim, without intervention, that the cats would be adopted at all, let alone together.

Cat Connection Facebook followers pitched in with pledges and The Pepper Foundation, headquartered in Studio City, stepped in to pull the cats for resce. The trio are safe together in foster care now.

The Pepper Foundation’s Julie Chadwick posted this update, with photos, to Facebook on September 10  (sharing to The Pepper Foundation’s page):

These are the three kitties we rescued from East Valley shelter and are now in the most amazing foster home! Look how happy they look now! will be getting blood work and dentals! All three were dropped off at the shelter, by the owner 12 yrs old and older! they will be loved and taken care of!!!!

Photos below show the three rescued cats in foster care.










0 thoughts on “Bonded Trio of Dumped Senior Cats are Rescued Together”

  1. im so glad those poor kitties got a new home.i have arescue kitty his name is Buddy.Hes GREAT CAT .he was full grown when I got him hes a few issues but weve worked them out

  2. i have 4 cats, 16, 13, 12 and 7 years old, nothing will make me do as these owners did; they love me, and i love them; they will be taken care of and loved by me as long as they live;

  3. So glad that they were rescued! The changes of that happening were very very small. It’s astonishing to think their owners just dropped them there without apparently any remorse after so many years together. I can only imagine how frightened and confused the cats had to have felt.
    Senior cats are great! We have several, and in most cases our home is the only one they have ever known and I wouldn’t even contemplate parting with them.

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