Bella Gets a Home

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After an apartment fire, an amputation and more than a month of medical and foster care, Bella is now in her forever home!
Katie Stanford and Austin Aryain pose with their newly adopted cat Bella
Photo via Arizona Humane Society at Facebook


Bella has been through a lot in recent weeks but now she is beginning a new life and is settling in at her new home.

Bella was found sitting on the porch of her Phoenix, AZ apartment building after a fire there in March and she was taken to the Arizona Humane Society. AHS spokeswoman Bretta Nelson said, “Our emergency animal medical technicians were called in and found her with burns to her paws, she had her whiskers singed off, a little bit of burns on her ears.”

Bella’s family lost everything in the fire and turned her over to the AHS foster program so she could get medical care and find a new home.

Bella’s recovery was complicated by a piece of plastic that had melted onto her hind leg and left a severe wound after it was removed. The wound did not heal properly and Bella’s ability to walk was affected, so her vets made the decision to amputate the leg.

“Through all of this, she has just remained upbeat, loving, she just wants to be loved on and petted so she’s really been resilient,” Ms. Nelson said.

Bella was put up for adoption after she’d healed from her surgery, and she was adopted on Tuesday by Katie Stanford and Austin Aryain after Katie saw her story on the news.

“She just seemed so special,” Ms. Stanford said. “She’s had such a hard situation and I guess that just drew me towards her. She just seemed so perfect to me.”

“I think she’s going to be like a normal little cat. She looks like she’s already really playful.”

“She doesn’t seem scared,” Bella’s new petmom said said. “She seems so brave and I love that.”

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