Bamboo the Blind Cat’s First Day At Home!

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Bamboo the Blind Cat’s First Day At Home!

Bamboo lost his sight due to an infection he picked up as a feral kitten. Now he is enjoying the good life in a loving home.

Artist Laura Brouwers generally uses her Cyarin YouTube channel for videos of her art but on a couple of occasions this year she has posted video with her blind cat, Bamboo.

Earlier this month we shared Laura’s recent video Blind Cat Bamboo – Tricks and play time!

On April 14, 2015, Laura uploaded a video of Bamboo’s first day home with her after his adoption.

She introduces the video, writing:

A small break from the usual art videos, I’m sorry! I just really wanted to share a bit of Bamboo’s first day.

I adopted him from the local animal shelter, where he was caught as a feral kitten and treated for his eye infection; unfortunately, he had already lost his vision and removal was needed. Luckily, he made a remarkable recovery and is very healthy now!

He’s still careful walking around, but now, later at night, he has already claimed a spot on his pillow, located his food and water several times and dug around in his litter box for a while.
If you guys are up for it too, I’ll update his behaviour in a video in a couple of weeks or months, to show how he’ll adjust even more!

Blind kitties deserve your love and to enjoy life just as much!

Watch as Bamboo explores and settles in to his new home and bonds with his new patmom.




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