Anakin’s Catnip Banana & Mika’s Tail Toy

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A new video catches up with Anakin, the intrepid miracle cat born without a pelvis or hind legs, and his new brother Mika, who is missing portions of his hind legs, and who the boys’ petmom Carrie Hawks rescued from a Texas shelter.

Carrie Hawks is rescuer and petmom to miracle kitty Anakin, born without a pelvis or hind legs, who was rescued when Carrie found him as a small kitten coming to eat at a feeding station. Anakin is in good health, despite his condition, and leads a full and normal life. Not long ago,  Carrie adopted another special boy, Mika, who she rescued from a Texas shelter and brought to her Florida home.

Carrie Hawks writes:

George just wants to sit in the window in peace and watch the world go by but Mika has other ideas. Mika thinks George’s Tail is his personal play toy! George growls a lot but is a really good sport about Mika playing with his tail. While that’s going on Anakin is in another part of the house licking a Cat Nip Banana until he falls asleep.
Meet Anakin! Ani is a two legged cat, born without a pelvis or back legs but that doesn’t stop him. He is full of love & life! My family and I rescued Anakin and I am caring for him. Also Meet Mika! Anakin’s New Brother from another Mother! We rescued Mika from a Texas Animal Shelter. Mika was born with 3/4 of a tail, all of one back leg except for the actual foot part where the pads and toes would be, and his other back leg stops a little ways passed his knee and just rounds off at the end. My family and I are lifelong animal lovers and will give Ani & Mika the absolute best possible home, love and care.

For more with Anakin and Mika at our site, click HERE.

Anakin and Mika’s daily life is chronicled at the Anakin the Two Legged Miracle Cat Facebook page, and in a blog in addition to their YouTube channel.

Anakin is feeling better now after a complicated neuter surgery and a drug reaction.  He had a rough month in March, but is now on the other side of it and finally jettisoned the protective cone a week ago.

Carrie has contacted OrthoPets: Orthotics and Prosthetics for Animals about getting Mika a prosthetic foot for his more complete back leg.


March 21: Anakin & Mika stalking a lizard outside on the window sill 🙂 Every morning a lizard comes to sunbathe in the window sill and the cats all love to take turns watching him lay there and walk around on the ledge outside the window. Anakin and Mika are getting along great now. They aren’t quite nap time buddies yet but they do play together often.
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Anakin showing of his beautiful bald belly, 2 of his healed up incisions and of course that fluffy tail! 🙂 His fur is already starting to grow back 🙂 he’ll be able to his super fluffy self in no time!
Anakin’s Tail is about 12″-14″ inches long depending on if you measure to to tip of the tail bones or the end of the tail fur..
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Mika & George on Morning Lizard Patrol! If you look closely you can see the lizard by the arrow. They love those lizards!! Mika looks almost as big as George in this pix. It’s all Mika’s Fluff! George weighs about 10 pounds and Mika is only 6 pounds.
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  1. I follow Anakin on facebook! Love him and that huge poofy tail, especially when he sleeps on it! He and his new brother are adorable!

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