Calgary Seeks Justice for Husky and Kitten and Protection for Animals from Abuse Crimes

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The days following the disturbing discoveries of a dead dog and cat in a Calgary, Alberta alley, each found with their muzzles bound, have seen increasing support for efforts to find the person or persons responsible and to mount a campaign to strengthen and enforce the laws around animal abuse and cruelty.

In short, people are fed up with animal abusers and killers getting away with their crimes or getting a slap on the wrist for inflicting cruelty upon the most innocent and helpless of victims.


The emaciated body of a young Siberian Husky was found in the alley on January 9. The dog’s muzzle was bound with tape, causing him to starve to death. The following Thursday, January 16, the body of an emaciated young cat was found in the alley by a girl. Its entire face was bound with green tape and it had starved or suffocated to death.

Calgary area residents were horrified, saddened, frustrated and angry over the terrible cruelty done to the two animals.

The Calgary Humane Society is investigating the case, and Dr. Wendy McClelland, founder of Vets To Go, started a reward fund at indegogo and put $5,000  toward the total, promoting the cause and awareness of the crimes at the Vets To Go – Mobile Vet Service Facebook page.

When donations to the Calgary Animal Abuse Fund starting flooding in, going well over the initial $5,000 goal in less than 24 hours,and continuing to mount, it became evident that people wanted the killer or killers found and were tired of feeling helpless and unable to put a stop to such crimes.

As of today, with over $66,000 donated to the fund, plus cash and checks delivered to Dr. McClelland’s office and her initial $5,000 donation, the amount raised has exceeded $72,000.

Some of the money will be earmarked for a reward and the remainder will go to fight for change in the penalties and punishments for animal cruelty crimes. Donors are being asked how they think the money should be apportioned.

The A Voice For Abused and Neglected Animals in Calgary – VANAC page at Facebook is also active in the cause. They organized a vigil held last Sunday night.

A development in the case announced by the Calgary Humane Society in a news release on Monday revealed another layer of cruelty toward the two young animals. Each suffered both old and new fractures before their deaths.

“This is a clear a case of intentional animal cruelty which would have caused this animal significant suffering” Said Brad Nichols, Cruelty Investigations Manager at the Calgary Humane Society.

According to the news release: Information about this case continues to pour in and investigators are compiling all the evidence based on the public’s help. Preliminary necropsy report indicates traumatic injury with evidence of fractures, new and old, in both animals. Investigators are using all forensic strategies available to be sure they build the strongest case possible. Investigators were able to conduct a productive canvass of the area where the animals were found and felt the information gathered will help move this case forward. CHS has been overwhelmed by public support and ask that if anyone has information about this case please contact Calgary Humane Society.

The terrible deaths of the Husky and kitten have done more to raise awareness about animal abuse and its total unacceptability in a civilized world than any PSA could have done, and supporters of the cause  are feeling empowered instead or powerless as they begin their campaign for justice and for meaningful change.

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