Arrest Made in Mesa AZ Catnappings

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Neighborhood vigilance led to the arrest of Scott Andrew Graham for the catnapping and killing of a Mesa, AZ cat whose August 8 abduction was captured on surveillance video, and whose mutilated body was later found in the area. Neighbors have reported 12 cats missing; two other cats were found dead.

Graham, who lives with relatives in the neighborhood, admitted to authorities that he took between 30 to 40 cats but denies hurting any of them. He claims to have taken them home, played with them, then released them.

Graham is the same person spotted by a watchful resident who was out on his bicycle one day toward the end of August and spotted a suspicious looking car that appeared to match the one on the surveillance video. As he followed the car on his bike, the driver threw a cat out the window and took off. That same neighborhood resident saw the suspect’s car again on September 3, and was able to get the license plate number and give it to the police.  Evidence at the home Graham is staying at, and in the car, along with the surveillance footage all led to the arrest.

The investigation remains ongoing.

For more on the case, see our August 31 story $7,500 Reward Offered For Mesa Az Catnapper.

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  1. I agree with all of the above, especially putting this slimeball in the general population. I would LOVE to meet him in a dark alley with a crowbar and a pipe wrench. Those are just perfect for adjusting those pesky kneecaps.

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