24 Persian and Siamese Cats Living in Car are Surrendered to a Humane Society

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Suzanne Biever, left, communications director of the Humane Society of Lebanon County, holds a newly rescued cat on Monday. With her are director of operations Aspasia Yeager, center, and employee Jen Carmelo.


The Humane Society of Lebanon County, PA is caring for 24 beautiful cats and 3 dogs surrendered by a US military veteran who was living in her car with the animals after losing her home in mid-January.  The woman let staff know her pets were in the car and turned the animals over to the Humane Society when she checked herself into the Lebanon VA Medical Center on Friday.

Unlike some people who abandon their pets when they lose their homes, the woman tried to keep her furry companions, though their life in the car was less than ideal.

The Lebanon Daily News spoke with Aspasia Yeager, the Humane Society’s director of operations. “The woman lost her home and fell on hard times,” Ms. Yaeger said. “She just kind of got in over her head with the animals. She has health issues and checked herself into the hospital, so she knew she could no longer care for them properly. She reached out for help before it was too late, thankfully. She was very cooperative and thankful that the animals, which she obviously loved, are going to get the care they need.”

The cats are all Persian and Siamese and are described as being very friendly and well socialized. Two of the dogs are Cocker Spaniels and the third is a Chihuahua mix.

The animals were all vaccinated, dewormed and given health checks by the Humane society’s vet, and will be spayed or neutered before being made available for adoption.

Dr. Bryan Langlois told the Lebanon Daily News the cats were all in fair condition, with mild dehydration, and with some matted fecal matter in their fur from their weeks living in the car.

Hopefully, the cats and dogs will find loving homes before long.

Read the full story in the Lebanon Daily News.

One of the Persians, at the shelter
Photo, Humane Society of Lebanon County


2 thoughts on “24 Persian and Siamese Cats Living in Car are Surrendered to a Humane Society”

  1. I hope she receives the support she needs!
    May all her fur babies find safe and loving new homes!

  2. My heart breaks for this woman. Losing her home, then dealing with her own health issues while trying to keep her pets together and fed, and ultimately making an incredibly hard decision to turn over her beloved animals. It’s been a very hard year for her so far. I am hoping she will find the help she needs at the VA.
    Thank you to the wonderful folks at the Humane Society for taking these lovely babies.
    My hope is they will find loving and caring homes.

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