22 year old missing cat is reunited with his family

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Mark Thomas and Sheila Lee with Fidget


Fidget,  a 22 year old cat who experiences confusion due to a brain tumor, escaped from his home and went missing, causing his family great concern.

Fidget lives with Mark Thomas and Sheila Lee in Urmston, a town in Greater Manchester, UK and was reunited with them by the Society for Abandoned Animals after he’d been missing for two weeks.

Mark and Sheila were away on holiday, with a friend looking after Fidget for them, when the elderly cat got out of the house and went missing. Fidget experiences short term memory loss and confusion due to a brain tumor that was diagnosed several years ago. His petparents were fearful that he’d become disoriented and couldn’t find his way home.

According to a story in today’s Manchester Evening News, Fidget wandered his way to a garage in his home town, where a concerned mechanic took him to a vet’s.  He was then transferred to the Society for Abandoned Animals on New Year’s Eve and placed into foster care.

The Society for Abandoned Animals shared photos of Fidget at Twitter on New Year’s Day in hopes of finding his family. Two weeks later,  Mark and Sheila saw his photos and were able o reclaim him.

The Society for Abandoned Animals shared the good news at Facebook on January 11, writing:

“The power of social media!

“Thanks to our Twitter followers we have been able to reunite a stray cat with his owners after he managed to escape the house when the window cleaner left the window open! His owners were able to tell us that he is 22 years old and has a brain tumour so we were delighted to be able to reunite them so he can continue to receive the care from his vet.

“Not all animals are lucky enough to be reunited and sadly a lot of the cats that are brought into us for rehoming are strays. To stand the best chance of being reunited with your pet, please arrange for them to be microchipped.”

Mark told the Manchester Evening News: “We were so upset when Fidget went missing.

“He’s a very affectionate and loving boy, but because of his tumour he easily gets confused and we were worried we might never see him again.

“When we saw his photo and realised he had been rescued we were over the moon. He’s a member of the family and we love him to bits.”

Note: The Twitter post below, from January 1, says the cat is in a forever home, when it should have read a foster home, and heat rate, when they meant heart rate.




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