22 Abandoned “Tub Cats” Ready for New Homes

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‘Kitties need homes” ‘Nice nice’ ‘Friendly, Nice Just Scared’ ‘Nice kitties need homes’ ‘Scared, Need Homes, Nice Kitties’ …

Those poignant notes about nice, friendly, scared kitties needing homes were written atop the four large plastic ventilated tubs that were dropped off at the door of a veterinary clinic with 22 healthy young cats inside.

Employees at the Interstate Veterinary Hospital in Centuria, Wisconsin discovered the tubs when they arrived for work on  October 29. 5 of the “Tub Cats’ as they’re called remained at the clinic, and the other 17 were taken to the Arnell Memorial Humane Society in Amery.

Someone obviously cared for and cared about the cats. They may have just wanted to see them rehomed, or they may have been unable to keep them due to lack of money, housing difficulties, or the demands of a husband, boyfriend or father.

Mary Bruckner, Humane Society Shelter Director, said “It’s pretty sad. People must be pretty desperate to have to do something to that degree.”

Dr. Mark Nelson, from the clinic, said “Whoever had them was overwhelmed with the numbers and decided they needed to find new homes for them.”

Mary Brucker expressed her concern that, even though they are young, pretty and healthy, the cats may have trouble finding homes. “Kittens kind of fly out the door from the cute factor, and these are a year-under — but they look like adult cats,” explained Bruckner. “So, they have a harder time getting out. It would be great for a person looking for another cat or a first cat to come get one.”

“They’re all pretty healthy and friendly at this point,” said shelter director Mary Bruckner. “Some are more attention seeking than others, but none of them are nasty or unsocialized.”

With the exception of one cat who is expected to be adopted from the clinic this week, the other 21 are available for adoption and looking for homes. The males have all  been neutered and the females will be spayed upon adoption.

Anyone interested in adopting one of the cats can call either the Arnell Memorial Humane Society at 715-268-7387 or Interstate Veterinary Hospital at 715-646-2312.




2 thoughts on “22 Abandoned “Tub Cats” Ready for New Homes”

  1. These people must be hoarders well not really coz hoarders usually dont want to give up their animals…I am on disability but I m getting ready to adopt a cat.when I get my cat she will be spayed and have all her shots so wont have to bother for a year about getting a new shot.. it is not that expensive to feed a cat. a 1/4 of a cup per 2 times a day of a decent food and bob’s your uncle! but 22 cats is a bit much unless you got tons of money..

  2. When my mom was alive everyone in our neighborhood knew she was an animal lover so anytime someone had one they didn’t want guess where it ended up? Then they would complain about how many she had. One family up the street had one girl cat that supplied the entire neighborhood for years til my mom scooped it up on day and took it to get spayed. She told the vet it was hers and brought it back a week later and let it loose. The little girl at that house told a friend she didn’t like the cat anymore cause someone made it where it wouldn’t have babies. My mom got sick and had like 15 cats and two dogs. My brother took the dogs and animal control came and took all her cats cept four they couldn’t catch. By the time I got there all the cats had been put to sleep except two that got adopted and the four they didn’t catch. I took the four when I finally caught them. My mother never wanted that many…..but the people who didn’t take care of ONE caused the problem. Now when i see a stray i catch it and get it spayed/neutered. If someone doesn’t like it…they should have kept their cat inside. Catch and release is the answer. NOT BLAME.
    I hope these beautiful babies find good homes. Bless them.

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