Black Cats Overlooked Due to “Selfie-Driven” Society

Once again, it seems, black is not in fashion when it comes to cats. Or any black animal looking for a forever home. They aren’t “selfie,” material.

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Once again, it seems, black is not in fashion when it comes to cats. Or any animal looking for a forever home, for that matter.  According to an article from the BBC, while black and white cats have been typically much harder to place whether it is superstition-based or general disinterest, one rescue suspects it may have to do with the public’s obsession with selfies and the fact darker animals are harder to photograph.  In other words, they aren’t “selfie,” material.

“It’s become more serious now because people live their life on selfies. Black cats are now less popular because they don’t show up well in pictures,” Christine Bayka, who runs The Moggery, expressed to the BBC. “When people ring me in the kitten season they will say ‘any colour except black’.” To further illustrate her point, she indicated that the 40 “long-termers” at their center are all black, including Velvet who has been there for 14 years.

The response to this has been overwhelming by those who know better. Black cat owners have taken to Twitter, Instagram, and all sort of media outlets to do what they can to get the word out across England that black is all good. Sassy, sometimes, perhaps even brazen, but full of personality and love.

black 3

black 2

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And in the off-chance there are any doubters about being able to take that purrfect selfie with your black furry friend, here are some tips:

The Moggery’s Christine Bayka demonstrates that black cats can take great selfies. (Photo: Anna Maric/
  1. Arm yourself with suitable cat treats
  2. Choose a minimal background
  3. Find a spot with soft lighting
  4. Get down to cat level (this may involve lying down on the ground for a long time)
  5. Focus on your cat’s eyes

RSPCA, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home


Black cats matter and there are plenty of shelters and rescues that have loving ones just waiting for the right home that will find the household blessed with a wonderful pet. And remember, ADOPT don’t SHOP!

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