Kitten Gift Makes 8-Year-Old Breakdown in Tears

When her Mom and Dad asked her why eight-year-old Viviane was crying, she simply answered, “Because I love it.”

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A young girl received the birthday gift of a lifetime…and it caused her to sob.

“Viviane has wanted a kitten for the past four or five years, and everything she drew and wrote about in school involved cats,” Viviane’s mom, Susan, told Inside Edition. “Michael [her dad] and I were talking about what to give Viviane for her birthday this year, and we both decided that it would be the best gift we could ever give her.”


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1 thought on “Kitten Gift Makes 8-Year-Old Breakdown in Tears

  1. I too, wanted a Kitten at a very young age – I wanted one more that anything else at the time. I was very happy when I received a very special present on my 4th Birthday – a little black Kitten that I named “Midnight”.

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