No Nose Nigel Stealing Hearts

Nigel, who lost his nose for unknown reasons, has undergone reconstructive surgery and is now recovering. And, soon, he will be looking for his forever home.

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nigel 1
Kitten Nigel’s nose fell off unexplicably and the little ginger is now recovering from surgery (Photo: MSPCA-Angell)

He may not have a nose, but this little ginger kitty is finding a following all his own.  Nigel was rescued when found wandering the streets at 6 weeks old.  A week later, shelter staff were surprised when half his face fell right off.

nigel 3
As you can see, I was really sick, but my foster mom took great care of me!



nigel 4
Last night, while my foster mom was steaming up the bathroom to clear my nasal passages, I gave her a real shock! I pawed at my face and the whole thing just came right off! Luckily I’m in pain medication and antibiotics! I’m still eating and playing, but the doctors say I have a long road to recovery. Once I’m old enough, I’ll have surgery to reconstruct my lips!



nigel 2Nigel nose he looks better every day!
Nigel nose he looks better every day!


While the particular reasons for his challenges is not known head of surgery at the MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center, Mike Pavletic,  suspects it is a result of some injury, telling, “Unfortunately, this little stray cat got into something,” Pavletic said. “It could have also been bitten in the face, sustained serious injury, gotten infected, and then a different part of the lip and part of the nose just became devitalized.”


nigel 5
My pal Pig-Pen and I posed for pictures! Try saying that without an upper lip!


nigel 6
Perfecting my cat nap ?

Nigel has undergone reconstructive surgery and is now recovering.  And, soon, he will be looking for his forever home.

nigel 7
I don’t look that great today, but I’m on the road the recovery! Send healing thoughts my way!


According to the staff, he is just like any other kitten and seems to be unaware of his condition, loving to play and behave just like any other little one.

nigel 8
Ok, maybe I️ don’t look like a supermodel yet, but I️ feel like a million bucks! My friends here got so many wonderful applications for me and they are now beginning to go through all of my options to find me a new home!

Follow Nigel and his progress on his Instagram page and if you would like to donate to his cause, click here.

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