Wanted for Labor Day: Cat Purrfessionals

Here they come! Those fantastic Furball Fables kitties are strutting their stuff and showing us what Labor Day is all about.

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It’s Labor Day and while we are busy sitting back and relaxing taking a day off from our duties, our feline friends seem to not believe in taking a holiday.

Life skills every cat needs.....Click for more funny pet job titles.

  Careers for Cats - Engineer

Here to show us an example are those fantastic Furball Fables kitties strutting their stuff and showing us what Labor Day is REALLY all about. Here’s what they have to say:

Jobs for Cats - Rebel CEO Cat What is your pet's special skill set? Click for more funny pet job titles.













Happy Labor Day Weekend!! Now that summer is almost over It’s time to get the kitty resume out and pound the pavement.  More than ever cats are in high demand in the job purrfessional market. Do you know a cat that is lying around the house all day doing nothing? Cats need to be more purrductive and get some work!  


And just in case you can’t get enough…


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