Cat Miraculously Survives Fall From 17th Floor

A young cat who lives on the 17th floor of an apartment building falls 13 stories and miraculously survives.

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Brennan is a cat who just may have used up one of his nine lives.  The adorable orange kitty lives on the 17th floor of an apartment building, and one day while his owner was out he suddenly found himself on the wrong side of the window. Brennan fell a terrifying 13 stories, landing on a deck on the fourth floor.

When his distraught owner discovered him, he was immediately rushed to an emergency veterinarian. Brennan suffered a broken shoulder and a dislocated hip. He was placed under the care of Dr. Andrew H. Jackson, DVM, to undergo reparative surgery.

Though this resilient cat could face long-term issues like elbow arthritis or gait abnormalities due to the hip surgery, Dr. Jackson tells petMD that most cats do well after these procedures and “with the repair of this fracture I am fairly confident that his recovery will probably be minimal. He is doing well and has no particular concerns at this time.”

Dr. Jackson says he hopes that Brennan will serve as a reminder to pet owners who live in apartment buildings to take extra precautions in order to avoid “high-rise syndrome.”


He suggests that pet parents who live in high rise facilities should “secure screens with guards, do not leave a pet unattended on a balcony, keep patio furniture away from railings, close windows when leaving, close windows prior to playing or throwing toys, and do not let pets on the fire escape.”

Dr. Jackson also adds that Brennan was a model patient. “Brennan was a joy … he is a cute, young, really affectionate cat.”

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