Study Shows Looking at Cats on the Internet is Good for You

Good news for cat lovers: a study shows that looking at photos and videos of cats on the internet is actually good for you.

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We know there are an abundance of cute, funny cat photos and videos on the net, but is looking at them actually good for you?

Obviously people love cat videos and, in fact, cat videos consistently have one of the highest viewing rates on YouTube. But researchers have wondered whether looking at cats when we’re supposed to be doing something else makes us feel guilty for procrastinating.

In 2015 in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, Jessica Gall Myrick, a professor of media studies at Indiana University Bloomington, surveyed 6795 people with questions on whether they viewed internet cats, when, why, and how it made them feel.


The results showed that people did tend to view internet cats during work or while studying, but their mood improved after looking at them. And most importantly, that the happiness caused by looking at cats outweighed the guilt of procrastinating. Unsurprisingly, cat owners and people who rated more highly in personality traits like shyness and agreeableness were more likely to watch cat videos.

So go ahead and perk up your day with a little funny cat video time. Guilt-free.


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