New Device Allows You to Play Video Games With Your Cat

A game software company has invented a new way to bring your cat with you into a virtual reality video game.

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The concept of virtual reality, the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real way, is not a new one. But the idea of outfitting a cat with VR gear to play video games with you? That’s a leap into the future for cat-kind.

A game studio called Triangular Pixels has created a little cat jacket equipped with a Vive VR tracker, coded a matching digital cat into virtual reality, and now the cat can “play” inside the virtual reality environment.

The software detects the cat’s movement: standing up, walking around, sitting down, and lying down, and plays animations to match.

Triangular Pixels says that the tracker will get a wider release later this year and suggests it could be used on cats, other pets, or small children.

You can see several more pictures of the tracker in action here.  For now, this is the only cat-themed interactive video game involving actual cats, but who knows what the future holds?


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