Laugh Challenge: 2016 Vine Compilation of Funniest & Oddest Out There

It can be a challenge searching through Vine after Twitter after YouTube bit to find a giggle or two, so “best of” compilations can be well worth a peek.

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Vines, the (now generic reference name to the originally) 6.5 second mini-movies have been loaded onto all variety of social media platform and this year has been filled with bits and bobs, both set-up and happenstance.  It can be a challenge to search through Vine after Twitter after YouTube entry to find something to give you a giggle, so when compilations come along that pull together some of the most popular over the year, it’s worth a peek.

Bear in mind, there will be things that people find funny that others find as equally unfunny, but it is all appears to be intended in good spirit. Afterall, if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? Oh, yeah…these guys!

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