7-Year-Old Saves Tiny Kitten Tossed Out in Garbage

People were rushing back and forth, living their daily lives, but no one heard the cries coming from the garbage, except for a one 7-year-old girl.

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People, on the busy and crowded streets of Istanbul, were rushing back and forth, in the midst of living their daily lives.  However, no one seemed to hear, let alone take any notice of, cries coming from a garbage bin, except for one 7-year-old girl.



To her surprise, she found a tiny kitten, crying. It is a wonder how many people may have passed and never heard, or paid attention, to the sound.




The little thing was infested with mites and maggots.  Scared and hungry, her mouth and ears were horribly deformed, possibly a result of fighting with other street cats.




The little girl’s father was a doctor and took the frightened kitten under his wing to help her heal.




With love and care, she has grown into a beautiful cat.  She is now inseparable from her savior who named her Gülümser, which means “she who always smiles.”




Thank goodness for small angels who walk the earth to be guardians for animals in need.


All photos: Imactuallyabear0520
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1 thought on “7-Year-Old Saves Tiny Kitten Tossed Out in Garbage

  1. What a sweet brave little girl. Most children would be scared of the way the kitten looked. But watching the growth and healing process, That is one Lucky Cat now. The girl and her family deserve a award. As for the person who dumped that baby like that. I wish someone would throw you in the trash.

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