Cat Discovered Living Inside Couch Donated to Thrift Store

When Rachel Barbee donated her old couch to Deseret Industries in Price, Utah, she had no idea that her cat was actually hidden inside.

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When Rachel Barbee donated her old couch to Deseret Industries in Price, Utah, she had no idea that her cat was actually hidden inside.

Barbee, of Carbon County, was preparing for a move and had been donating many of her items. But she thought that she would take the couch to the dump, instead – a move which could have meant that she would never have been reunited with her cat again.

Barbee’s friend, Brittnie Arroyo, was helping her with the packing and convinced Barbee to bring the couch to Deseret Industries instead. The two packed the couch into the back of Barbee’s truck, left it sitting there for about 25 minutes, then proceeded to drive to Deseret Industries where they donated the couch.

Imagine the surprise of the Deseret Industries employees when they proceeded to move the couch from a holding area to the storefront, only to discover a cat had been hiding in the couch. The cat raced out from beneath the couch but allowed employees to pick him up.

Finding the cat’s owner would be a challenge. The store doesn’t collect information from donors, and Barbee had long left the store. One employee thought of posting the cat’s photo on Facebook, and the power of social media came through again in reuniting lost pets with their owners.

Barbee and Arroyo had just returned home when they saw the social media post and realized that the cat was Barbee’s cat, Tiny One. Thirty minutes later, Barbee was back at the store and she and Tiny One headed home.

The moral of the story? You never know where your cat will try to hide, so check everything thoroughly when moving furniture or boxes out of your house.

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