Month: April 2016

Obsessions Aren’t Funny, Right? Wrong!

What’s more intriguing about this quirky video? The kitten who won’t back off? Or the tense, funny-looking fur ball who appears to be watching television? (Dog experts are welcome to tell us exactly what he is.) The kitten wants to play. But the grumpy guy only breaks his concentration long enough to tell the kitten to get lost. That’s paraphrasing, of course. But see for yourself.

One “Cat”astic Meal

Everybody needs to eat, right? Typically, we do so for nutrition. Sometimes eating comes at the expense of being social or business. For the most part, it is fairly pedestrian, but when food can be tasty and entertaining, seems like a complete win-win.

Maybe Someday There Will be a Silent Night for Fireworks

Holidays can lead to stress for many, including dogs and cats, and with the Fourth of July, that can be compounded with the noise associated with fireworks. However, that loud noise, the thunder, that has become part and parcel of display expectations, has seen some significant changes over the years.

Ricky Gervais Backs No Declaw Law

Actor and animal advocate Ricky Gervais and his cat Ollie want New York lawmakers to vote for a ground-breaking law that would make it illegal to declaw cats. “How could anyone in their right mind declaw a cat or a kitten?” Gervais wrote in his statement that was posted on the Facebook page for the Paw Project.