One Year Later: “Zombie” Cat Fully Recovered


The kitty who clawed his way out of a shallow grave and was dubbed “Zombie Cat” by the media is looking fluffy and fit one year after he survived being hit by a car and given up for dead.The Humane Society of Tampa Bay posted a photo of Bart on Twitter. Bart has recovered from his awful injuries and put on some weight. The photo was taken when he came in for a regular check-up, Humane Society Director Sherry Silk told the Associated Press.

Bart is in foster care and remains in the custody of the Humane Society. The long-haired black-and-white cat is currently the subject of a court case, the AP reports. Bart’s owner, Wayne Ellis Hutson, refuses to surrender ownership of the cat. Last year, Hutson told the press that he was heartbroken after discovering his apparently lifeless cat, which had been struck by a car. He was so upset, he said, that he asked a neighbor to bury the cat for him.

Bart was struck by a car and buried, then dug himself out of his shallow grave. (Screengrab: Humane Society/Huffington Post)

Five days later, Bart showed up at the home of the neighbor. He was suffering from severe head trauma, a dead eye and a broken jaw, along with other injuries that required surgery and a feeding tube. Rescuers believe he may have regained consciousness, dug himself out of the ground and hid for a few days. Silk told the Huffington Post that she did not doubt that the cat had been buried, because he had “dirt in every orifice.” However, she was not convinced that Bart’s owners were certain he was dead. “I think they knew he was breathing,” Silk told The Huffington Post.

Hutson denied the charge at the time and continues to fight to reclaim Bart. “The cat is being held hostage,” Hutson told Huffington Post. “This is our family pet.” Hutson said he sincerely believed his cat was dead. The story made headlines after Hutson posted a YouTube video about Bart and told media outlets that his cat had risen from the grave. Photos taken of Bart at the time show him looking bedraggled and badly injured. His Twitter portrait shows him much improved and wearing a party hat.


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