Miracle cat revived after being found frozen has died

RIP, Nicky. The Ohio cat revived after being found frozen last week has died.

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Nicky, RIP


The Ohio cat who who stunned everyone when he showed signs of life and was revived after being found frozen has died.

Nicky – who was dubbed Olaf by veterinary staff after a character in the movie “Frozen” – was frozen stiff and seemed lifeless when a Good Samaritan found him in Amherst and rushed him to the Friendship Animal Protective League, in Elyria.  When the cat surprised shelter staff by letting out a little meow and making a slight movement, he was rushed to Fox Animal Hospital, where he was revived with IV fluids and given painkillers. His paws were wrapped because of severe frostbite and damage to the paw pads.

Veterinarian Ashley Berardi  at Fox Animal Hospital was shocked at the sight of the frozen cat.

Dr. Bernardi said: “[Friendship APL Director Greg Willey] had thought we were going to have to euthanize. But we kind of showed the cat some food and he perked up right after it, so he still had that drive. So we thought, okay, let’s get the catheter in, let’s try.”

Thanks to social media sharing, Nicky’s family located him and were able to see their beloved pet before he died.

Nicky was a 10 year old indoors-only cat who got out of the house in late December and disappeared. As part of her search for Nicky, who did not have the skills to survive outside in the cold, petmom Candice Darmafall shared his photo at Facebook. Friendship APL also shared photos of Nicky taken at the hospital, and a friend or relative of Candice let her know that he appeared to have been found.

Candice and her family were reunited with Nicky at Fox Animal Hospital on Friday. Nicky’s petmom was elated to learn her missing cat had been found and was alive.

Dr. Berard let Nicky’s family know that he may have suffered internal injuries was was not by any means out of the woods. Nicky remained at the hospital, being monitored and receiving treatment for frostbite.

“This is amazing,” Greg Willey said. “This cat, by all accounts in my mind, should be dead. And the fact that this cat is alive is miraculous.”

“She was just sobbing when she saw her cat,” he said of Candice Darmafall. “This was just a wonderful turn of events.”

Candice said on Friday, when she saw her cat: “I’m so happy. He’s so beautiful and has always been such a nice cat.”

By midday on Saturday, Candice wrote at Facebook that Nicky was “not doing so well today.” Saturday evening she wrote: “We just received news that Nicky did not pull through. Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes.”

Friendship animal Protective League made a simple announcement at Facebook Sunday night, writing: “Many people have been asking for an update on Nicky (Olaf). We are sad to report that he did not pull through and has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.”

Many animal lovers have left their condolences on the comment thread below APL’s announcement, with a common theme being that at least Nicky had seen his family again and had spent his final days surrounded by caring people showing him love.

RIP, Nicky.

For more, see our post from Saturday, Frozen miracle cat is reunited with owners.



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2 thoughts on “Miracle cat revived after being found frozen has died

  1. what actually killed him? they said in the article that he could have internal damage. so sorry you lost him. fly free at the bridge..

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