Frozen miracle cat is reunited with owners

Olaf (Nicky) was frozen stiff when he was found, and his vets say it’s a miracle he is alive. His was reunited with his family by a Facebook post.

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Candice Darmafall is reunited with her cat Nicky, aka Olaf


On Friday,  a lost, frozen  10 year old cat who veterinary and shelter staff are calling a miracle cat, was reunited with his family, thanks to social media sharing.

Olaf, whose real name is Nicky, was not just frozen to the ground when a Good Samaritan found  him in Amherst, Ohio Thursday morning, he was frozen stiff and flattened.

The woman rushed the cat to the Friendship Animal Protective League, in Elyria, and staff at first thought he was dead.

Friendship APL Director Greg Willey said, “It was completely frozen. The cat was basically stiff as a board. The best way for me to describe it is that It looked like it came out of a meat locker.”

Luckily, the cat made a faint meow and showed a slight movement, letting shelter staff know he was still alive.  He was rushed to he Fox Veterinary Hospital to be revived.

Veterinarian Ashley Berardi  at Fox Animal Hospital was shocked at the sight of the frozen cat.

Dr. Berardi said, “The poor cat came to me completely flat out, we thought he was dead. Temperature was low below normal, so low it wouldn’t even register on the thermometer.”

“Greg [Willey] had thought we were going to have to euthanize. But we kind of showed the cat some food and he perked up right after it, so he still had that drive. So we thought, okay, let’s get the catheter in, let’s try.”

Hospital staff revived the kitty with warmth and IV fluids, and he was given painkillers.  Staff wrapped all four of his paws, which were severely frostbitten and have damaged paw pads.

They decided to call him Olaf, in a nod to the character from the movie “Frozen.”

Friendship Animal Protective League posted Olaf’s photo and story to Facebook, and that post found the cat’s family.

Candice Darmafall got an excited phone call from a family friend, who said: “I think they have found your cat. Look on the APL page now!”

Candice and her family had been searching for her 10 year old cat Nicky for 17 days, after the indoors-only pet got out of the house and disappeared. She posted to social media as part of her search, so her friends and relatives knew to be on the lookout for him.

Candice and her family rushed to Fox Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Berardi brought in her cat, still tethered to his IV tubes. There were tears of relief and joy.

“I just thought, gosh, there is no way he can make it because he’s been inside with us all these years,” said Candice.

Nicky is still at the vet recovering from his ordeal. Dr. Berardihas cautioned his family that he may have suffered internal injuries. He is being monitored for that and for his frostbite injuries. By Friday he was registering a normal temperature and moving around.

“This is amazing,” Greg Willey said. “This cat, by all accounts in my mind, should be dead. And the fact that this cat is alive is miraculous.”

“She was just sobbing when she saw her cat,” he said of Candice Darmafall. “This was just a wonderful turn of events.”

“We just might have to start calling him Nickolaf,” Candice said. “I’m so happy. He’s so beautiful and has always been such a nice cat.”

Friendship Animal Protective League shared the news at  Facebook that the kitty’s family had spotted his picture and rushed to his side, saying: “Owner reunited with Olaf! This miracle cat escaped from her Mom in December! Today they found each other again! This 10 year-old cat was originally Nicky. He will now be called Nicholaf!”

Candice left several comments at the APL’s Facebook, and expressed how elated and thankful she is that Nicky is alive and has been found.

Friendship Animal Protective League also helped Frosty, who was found frozen in the winter of 2014.
Watch the WKYC News report on the story:





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  1. The person who found him is a hero ! I am so glad that he is safe and doing so well and thrilled that he could be reuinited with his family !!!

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