Ashley’s Story: from a lab to a lap!

Ashley began her life as a lab animal and was lucky to make it out alive. In danger again when she ended up on Death Row, she was rescued and found a good home.

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Ashley’s life has had its ups and downs to the extreme.  She was a caged lab animal, then she beat the odds to become a family pet, then she was dumped by her family at a high kill shelter, and finally, she was rescued and eventually found a good home where she can happily live out her days.

For her first three years, Ashley’s life was a small metal cage in a windowless room where she was kept as lab animal at an Indiana research laboratory . Her world consisted of stainless steel bars, slated floors, cinderblock walls and fluorescent lights buzzing overhead. Her only human contact was a gloved hand taking her to an exam table. Ashley grew up in a research laboratory. She would be made sick and then monitored.

Despite all of this, Ashley is one of the lucky ones. She survived her time in the laboratory; most cats do not.

Rescuers with the Beagle Freedom Project say Ashley may be the sweetest laboratory cat they have ever encountered.  After her three years being caged and used for testing experiments, she made it to freedom and was  adopted to a local family.  After settling in for a number of years at her home and, one presumes, becoming part of the family, she was dumped at a high-kill shelter. Her family gave the old and far too common excuse, saying their grandson was allergic to her.

Ashley was dumped at the high-kill shelter before BFP could intervene and she ended up on the shelter’s Death Row.

Ahsley’s time was running out, but with help from ARME (the parent organization of the Beagle Freedom Project), she was rescued and has begum a new and better life.

BFP wrote about Ashley after she was saved from Death Row and before she finally found her new home, saying: “After everything Ashley went through in being a laboratory test subject she deserves better than a county shelter and its high turn- over death row.

“This fluffy cat cannot get enough affection. She loves to be held and touched, a basic need that likely went largely unfulfilled for most of her life. When her foster mom drove her home the first night she pawed through the carrier door and clasped onto her new savior. Upon reaching their home she raced out of the carrier to explore everything.

“Aside from being affectionate and unafraid, Ashley is also mellow. Like all cats she enjoys her naps and little moments of luxurious comfort, like being in a sunbeam or an extra cushy pillow top.”

At long last, Ashley can truly rest easy and remain in comfort for the rest of her days.

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