Therapy Cat Missing for a Month is Found

Jackson the therapy cat was reunited with his owner today, nearly a month after he jumped out a car window and disappeared.

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Jane Gaston and Jackson, reunited today.


Jackson the therapy cat was reunited with his owner today, nearly a month after he jumped out a car window and disappeared.

Jackson was visiting Omaha, NE with his owner Jane Gaston when he escaped from her car on Sunday, November 10. Jane brought the 2 1/2 year old cat from her home in Overland Park, KS to Omaha for an extended stay to be with Jane and her husband Pat, who suffered a traumatic brain injury when he fell from a motorized scooter last April.

Jackson is Pat Gaston’s therapy cat and Jane says his companionship has been very helpful for Pat since his injury.  Pat has spent several months in Omaha while in treatment at QLI Rehabilitation.

News coverage in the local media and notices at the Nebraska Humane Society’s social media accounts helped alert the public to be on the lookout for the missing cat. Pat Gaston scoured the are near 90th and Dodge and spoke to residents about her cat, also.

The Gastons are planning a move to Seattle and did not want to leave without Jackson.

They will not have to leave town without their cat, because Jane was reunited with him today.

A resident living near 90th and Dodge captured him today. Trula Bachman recognized Jackson from a photo she’d seen in the paper and put food out for him Monday night, leaving the door open to entice him inside.

Jackson was checked out by a vet and was determined to be in good shape. He suffered frostbite on one ear but is otherwise fine.

The Nebraska Humane Society was pleased to see Jackson safely reunited with Jane Gaston and shared two separate photos at Facebook while announcing the good news today.

Jane told the Omaha World Herald online, Jackson purred nonstop after she picked him up.

“I was so amazed that people in Omaha would be so nice about helping me look for Jackson,” she is quoted saying. ” I’ve met a lot of great people and I will never forget this experience.”

“It must’ve been quite an adventure for him,” Jane said. “I’m never letting him out of the cat carrier again while we’re in the car.”


Jane Gaston and Jackson today
Photo via Nebraska Humane Society at Facebook

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