Lulu’s Abuser is Charged with Extreme Animal Cruelty

Lulu was so cruelly tortured by her owner’s boyfriend that the POS has been charged with extreme animal cruelty and is being held on $50,000 bail. The 6 month old kitten will need medical attention to help her recover.

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Lulu, in the least disturbing photo from a  set shared at the KFOXTV Facebook page


Lulu, the six month old kitten pictured above, was so cruelly tortured by her owner’s boyfriend that the 25 year old man has been charged with extreme animal cruelty and is being held on $50,000 bail.  The 6 month old kitten will need medical attention to help her recover from her physical injuries, and loving care to help her recover from the psychological trauma.

1378763_10152018800676424_1781537685_n According to Las Cruces, NM police, Lulu was hurt by Mathew Montes, a Las Cruces resident. An arrest affidavit outlined details of the crimes.

In short, Montes allegedly sexually abused Lulu with sticks, dunked her lower half in hot water, and strangled her to unciousness.

Photos we have seen but will not share here show the damage caused by the burning hot water.

According to police, Montes’ 22 year old girlfriend found her kitten unable to walk and leaning against a wall of her litter box, where she had taken refuge.  The young woman took Lulu to her mother’s house. She told police Montes admitted he’d choked the kitten into unconsciousness.

After a few days, when portions of Lulu’s fur began to fall out in clumps, Montes let it be known he’d submerged her in scalding hot water.

The woman took Lulu to an emergency vet who determined that Lulu’s injuries were consistent with burns from hot water.  Lulu’s hind legs were bloody, and losing fur and skin. The vets say she will likely need skin grafts.

Montes was arrested Wednesday, October 23, and charged with one count of extreme cruelty to animals, a fourth-degree felony.  He was booked into the Dona Ana County Detention Center with a cash-only bond set at $50,000.

Despite the horrendously depraved nature and details of the crime, and the felony charge, Montes only faces a possible punishment of up to 18 months in prison and a $5,000 fine, if convicted.

Note: We have not yet learned where Lulu is receiving her medical care. We will update this post or do a followup when we know.


“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”
~Immanuel Kant


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11 thoughts on “Lulu’s Abuser is Charged with Extreme Animal Cruelty

  1. Ok so. Look at this cat!! I’m so angry. Not really sure how to express my anger in a normal way!! I look at this sweet little face and wonder why this person will get away with this which he will. this person should endure things that I cant even think of. I would like to know WHY!!!!!!!!! these fucked up people!!!! obviously never get in trouble for the heinous acts that they commit are never punished? do people want a broom stick up their ass? I don’t think so!!! Why do these people go to jail so they can be raped in the ass? the cat didn’t deserve this. the person that did though!! Makes me sick!! I cant believe that we allow this. And we do cause the law doesn’t do anything about it. Animals have a soul, the feel happy, sad and love us. Who has the right? SICKO!!!!!!

  2. Look at those eyes…you can see the question “why?”. Please show this darling little kitten that people can also offer love and protection. As for Montes…someone needs to remove his ass from the planet…but it must involve a great deal of pain. I’m glad the girlfriend thought to take this poor little baby to the vet…but why did she leave the kitten alone with this creep…she knew what he was capable of.

  3. Scary, and as other commenters have said, the girlfriend is next in line. The guy has done this before I am sure. Perhaps to stray animals, other peoples pets, etc. This kind of behavior didn’t just start with this kitten. So many women find themselves in abusive relationships and do nothing to get out, the abuser controls them. Hopefully she will leave. Regardless, Lulu the kitten will need to be placed in foster care where she can get the care and help she needs.

  4. That poor baby! What the hell is wrong with that guy? I believe he maybe a serial killer as that’s what they do to defenseless animals. I think we should put him into scalding water, put sticks up his butt, and choke him into unconsciousness. See if he likes that! Does that poor sweet baby have a good home to go to? I would take her if I lived closer!

  5. I am so angry I am in tears! This man deserves much worse than 18 months and 5k in punishment! He will just re-offend and this poor kitten will never be the same again. I foster and bottle feed and stories like this make me never want to give up my babies. I pray to god that Lulu is safe and will recover in a home that will give her the love she deserves and her owner never looks at him except in court again. Someone needs to stand up for this little girl.

  6. Even if that piece of sh?te was sent to prison for a hundred years, it would be too good for him. People who are proven to have abused, tortured, mistreated any animal, should automatically be be used in the laboratory experiments that use defenseless creatures. Said people, would have no no pain relief, no compassion given to them. I could on, but I won’t. I hope and pray that baby comes through the hurt she has endured. Xx

  7. It breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes that any animal suffers cruelty but this goes way beyond with the sexual portion. OMG poor Lulu!!! How could the woman not take this poor kitten in to the vet sooner? I hope that guy is jailed for a long time. AND I hope he becomes the flavor of the month to some big, hairy guy while there. What causes the mind to not only think such unspeakable acts but to also follow them out?

  8. Well, the abuser’s name and city of residence is out there. Surely there are some dedicated ALF folks in the area and can assist with his “rehabilitation.” I think some sticks and boiling water should be included.

  9. I’m not a violent person but I’m so mad right now i would kill the son of a bitch if he was in front of me…

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