How To Appreciate A Panther

How do you appreciate your very own house panther? Watch and see!

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Petdad and catbutler Doug Brown makes cat videos as DrNworb.

Doug’s video for Black Cat Appreciation Day 2013 features his very own black house panther, aptly named Panther.

He writes:

“August 17th may be the official Black Cat Appreciation Day but our black beauty Panther knows black cats (and all other cats) MUST be appreciated every day!

“Black cats in shelters are still less likely to be adopted and more likely to be euthanized than other coloured cats because of lingering prejudices, please help put a stop to this by adopting a black cat or kitten and spreading the word that all cats are equally wonderful and deserve to be loved, thanks!”

For more wonderful DrNowrb videos at our site, click HERE.



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