Kitten From Firefighter’s Helmet Cam Rescue Dies

In a sad update to the story, a kitten whose dramatic rescue and revival was seen be many thousands when a helmet cam video went viral this week did not survive.

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In a sad update to a story that touched many thousands of readers and viewers, the kitten rescued and revived following a residential fire in Fresno, CA on June 8 died at an emergency vet afterward.

The rescue story first was seen on June 9, then a version of the rescue went viral this week when a helmet cam video shot by Fresno firefighter Cory Kalanick came to light.

The video of The Rescue, made in the manner of a movie trailer, brought viewers along as Cory found the seemingly lifeless kitten stretched out on the floor of the home, then showed the kitten coming back to life while being treated outside.

What the short and heartwarming video does not show is Cory working for a half hour massaging the kitten and using an entire tank of oxygen in his effort to revive the kitten with the use of a child sized mask. While several Fresno fire trucks carry donated pet oxygen masks, not all trucks have them yet.

Following his rescue, Lucky, as he was called, was taken to the Central California SPCA. From there he went to the emergency vet, but he did not survive the night.

The SPCA’s Beth Caffrey says young animals have a difficult time recovering from damage to their lungs.

Caffrey praised the firefighter’s efforts, saying “We are very fortunate to have such compassionate people in all the fields that work together.”

Claudie Parrish of the Northern California Havanese club donated the pet oxygen masks currently in use, and plans aise enough money to make sure that all Fresno fire trucks carry pet oxygen masks going forward.

It is not known for sure whether Lucky would have survived if treated with a mask made specifically for small animals.

Beth Caffrey said, “It’s a very sad loss. The kitten however was in very loving hands.”



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6 thoughts on “Kitten From Firefighter’s Helmet Cam Rescue Dies

  1. So sad………everyone tried so hard to keep the little guy alive. Just good to know some people still care.

  2. Its a shame they did not keep the kitten on oxygen for a few days till his lungs recovered……

    my dad is on oxygen for damaged lungs….. it costs nothing… machine filters it from our air

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