Reunited! Fat Cat Rejoins Her Family a Month After Moore Tornado

A Moore, Oklahoma woman ecstatically shared the news yesterday that her beloved Fat Cat had been found and was back with her family again.

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Tiffany Moreno shared her great news with the online community of animal lovers and rescuers yesterday after a neighbor found her under his boat. Some followers of Moore Oklahoma Tornado Lost and Found Animals immediately recognized Fat Cat as one of the animals whose families were searching for them.

Tiffany told how Fat Cat was found, saying:

“She wasn’t trap but she was taking shelter under a neighbors boat that was still there and our neighbor just happened to go back and see her under the boat. They took pictures and sent them to my dad and he said “yes that’s her!!!” So our poor fat cat ain’t so fat and bless her heart she survived under that boat for a month!! But she is doing well and drinking water and eating and all checked out. She’s a miracle baby.”



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