Simon’s Story

Simon went from being an abandoned FeLV positive street cat to a pampered house cat thanks to a rescue group and its dedicated volunteers.

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Sandra Harrison is a member of the  Los Angeles group Kitten Rescue. She tells the story of Simon, a FeLV cat she rescued off the street so he could live out his days being well cared for in a loving home.

Simon’s Story

By Sandra Harrison

In June of 2010 I rescued Simon off of the street. He was skinny and was infested with parasites. A trip to the vet and blood test confirmed that Simon was FeLV (Feline Lekemia) positive. I was devastated that this beautiful, sweet boy had this incurable disease. FeLV is contagious to other cats and my cats are negative, so I could not foster Simon. I was so grateful to Kitten Rescue for taking Simon into the FeLV room at the Sanctuary.

After a few months there was room in our only FeLV foster home. Simon joined three other FeLV+ cats and two of the most self sacrificing, loving humans in what would be his home for the rest of his life. Simon was in and out of the vet over the past few years for a multitude of medical problems. Each time he pulled through with the loving care of his foster parents and our vets. Kitten Rescue paid his vets bills, never discounting the value of his life because he was FeLV+.

Simon lived for 2 1/2 years in his dream home. A couple months ago Simon was diagnosed with cancer. He and his foster parents fought as long as they could. In the end his foster parents had to make the hardest and most compassionate decision to let Simon go. Simon went from an abandoned street cat to a pampered house cat.

This would not have been possible without Kitten Rescue and their amazing volunteers. Thank you Dan, Cecile and Kitten Rescue for making Simon feel safe and loved for his short time here on Earth.

You can go to Team Kitten Rescue LA Marathon 2012 at Crowdrise to help FeLV+ cats like Simon. Kitten Rescue never gave up on Simon until there was no hope left for him. They do this for all of the cats in their care, FeLV+ or not.



Special thanks to Xander Smith for letting us use Moving On for this video.

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