Mr. Magoo: The Blind Kitty Who Stole Her Heart

Colleen Kelly-Angstadt opened her heart and her home to a sick, blind kitty who’d been living on the street and whose time at the shelter was just about up. Mr. Magoo is now an adorable, healthy happy boy who knows he is loved

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Colleen Kelly-Angstadt opened her heart and her home to a sick, blind kitty who’d been living on the street and whose time at the shelter was just about up. Mr. Magoo is now an adorable, healthy boy who is happy in his loving forever home.

Colleen started the Mr. Magoo Who? “The Blind Kitty Who Stole My Heart” Facebook page to share him with the world and to raise awareness for special needs animals that need love, compassion and a forever home!

Colleen tells Mr. Magoo’s story:

Mr. Magoo aka Gooey or Goo was a 1 1/2 -2 year old un neutered male that was found wandering the streets of Philadelphia PA just like so many other cats that are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Mr. Magoo was different, he is a Special Needs Kitty who managed to survive living on the streets blind. Magoo has a birth defect in which his eye lids and his eyes did not fully develop.

Mr. Magoo was picked up by animal control and brought into the shelter. He was very thin, had a horrible URI with blood coming from his nose and ulcers in his mouth. He was unable to eat much less breathe and was extremely dehydrated.. Magoo was placed on Philly’s Urgent Page and was in great danger of being euthanized because of being so sick and being blind on top of it.

Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary posted Goo on their Facebook page, saying he was in desperate need of placement. I saw his face and fell in LOVE.

I spent 4 days calling different shelters (as he was transferred) talked to a dozen people, I emailed anyone and everyone, and posted on Facebook. Finally Cara from PSPCA emailed me on a Monday and said he was at their facility, but had a foster family coming for him that Wednesday and they couldn’t hold him for me. I was devastated but told Cara if they didn’t come for him to let me know ASAP and I would come get him! I could only pray that it didn’t work out.

Well my prayers were answered, I got an email at 9:30pm that Wednesday saying the foster family never came and he was all ours!!! I was in tears I was so happy!

My husband and I drove up from NJ the next day to get him. Unfortunately when we got there we were told that the adoption center was just informed by the vet that Magoo took a turn for the worse overnight and that he had to be put on an IV and in ICU/ISO and he could not go home. The Vet said if all went ok he could possibly come home that Monday.

Well Monday came and went and he was not any better. I called every day to check on him. That Friday I called and asked if I could speak to the vet, I wanted to know what exactly was going on. The vet called me back and said that he wasn’t eating and they didn’t have the manpower to give him the one on one attention he required, and he just wasn’t getting better being in there with all the other animals that were sick. The vet said she thought it would be better for him, if I could handle it, that we take him home and care for him. I was so excited I said absolutely yes.

My Husband and I drove up that Saturday Oct 13, 2012 and picked him up. I cried when I first saw him all bloody and oozing. I knew right then and there we made the right decision; he needed us and we needed him.

I was given pain meds, antibiotics, Lysine and special food to help him put on weight. The poor thing was wheezing and drooling and in obvious pain but uttered not a sound.

We brought our little man home and within 3 days he improved drastically, I was amazed by his progress and his sheer will.

So here we are 4 months later and watching him run and play brings tears to my eyes as I remember picking him up from the shelter sick, bloody and nearly lifeless.

It still Amazes me what Love and Nurturing will do for one’s soul and well being!
He’s a fighter My Little Orange Wonder and I have a feeling I’m gonna have my hands full. ♥

To follow Mr. Magoo, visit his Mr. Magoo Who? “The Blind Kitty Who Stole My Heart” Facebook page

Goo yesterday, showing off his new Valentine’s Day Oskar & Klaus tie.
Oskar & Klaus merchandise is sold by the family of internet and video superstar Oskar the Blind Cat. 20% of the purchase price of merchandise benefits three partner organizations, including Blind Cat Rescue, which helped Mr. Magoo. Goo has several Oskar & Klaus ties.





Loving Daddy


Iz given myself a baff!!!! February 2.


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8 thoughts on “Mr. Magoo: The Blind Kitty Who Stole Her Heart

  1. He is one very lucky cat thanks to all your special nursing care and hope he continues to thrive as he certainly deserves some happiness in his life. Enjoy your time with him and God bless you for saving him x

  2. When I first saw you Goo my heart melted. A friend posted a picture of you on Facebook and I have just read your storey. I can’t believe you survived on the streets for two years blind! You are an inspiration and so are your new family. I just love seeing your face every day. I absolutely adore you Goobers! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. You are an “Awesome” family & Mr. Magoo is an “Awesome” cat as well. Bless you & him & know God was & is looking out for you all!

  4. I haven’t seen anything on our Precious Goo for a while. Sent his mommy a PM but haven’t heard anything. Prayers up for Sweet Goo. Love you buddy ??????????????????????????? These shrimpies are for you.

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