Firefighters Rescue and Revive Cats Found in Smoke Filled Home

Setauket, LI firefighters used pet oxygen masks to revive two cats who were unresponsive when they were found in their smoke filled home.

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Setauket, LI firefighters rescued two cats and revived them with pet oxygen masks at the scene of a nighttime house fire on February 3. When firefighters responded to the call at 10 pm they found the house filled with smoke from a boiler fire, with the two cats unresponsive and suffering from smoke inhalation.

Assistant Chief Bill Rohr said, “They were unresponsive when we found them, after the oxygen therapy they both reacted positively to treatment and became much more lively.” The masks were donated to the fire department to help save animals’ lives.

No one but the cats was home at the time of the incident. A neighbor took the cats to a vet.




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