Woman Feeding Ferals Fears for Her Life After Seeing HOA Email

One board member was shocked to see an email sent to the board by a fellow member, and sent a copy to a woman feeding a few cats at the complex. The sender suggested,whether serious or not, poisoning the cats and shooting the woman feeding them.

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Kim Harris is a soft spoken and caring woman who has been feeding the stray or feral cats outside her Mesa, AZ condo since last year. Ms. Harris says there are only a few cats, and she has paid to have them vaccinated and spay/neutered. She explains her actions simply, saying, “When the cats are hungry how could you not feed them?”

The condo development’s Homeowners Association is now fining Ms. Harris for feeding the cats, and at least one board member has it in for the cats and for her.

Board member and fellow cat lover William Delahay was shocked to receive a barbaric and threatening email sent by a fellow board member named Bob to those on the board. Mr. Delahay forwarded a copy to Ms. Harris.

The email reads:

This lady is another looney tune character. Why would we be blessed with another one ????

How about if we informed her that we will take action in regards to her activities of feeding the feral cats on the property.

A. We will trap the cats and dispose of.

B. We could set out a poison control substance ounce for ounce of what she feeds the cats.

C. Just shoot her and put her out her misery….

Best I can think of that may or may not be legal…..

Ms. Harris is fearful now, and has hired an attorney and filed a police report.

Red Mountain Management president, David Henderson, commented on the feeding of cats when he told Channel 3 TV, “This is a private association issue and ongoing matter. The HOA declines to respond at this point except to say they’re examining options related to feral cats and residents who wish to feed them. They (HOA) may be inclined to respond at a later time.” The news outlet did not mention whether Mr. Henderson had anything to say about the board member’s suggestion that Ms. Harris be shot.

In a sad commentary on the such situations, one woman wrote at azfamily.com under the video you see here, saying, “I lived in an east Mesa condominium complex and I also fed some feral cats. I was harassed by the hoa board members also. One cat had kittens on my patio and within two days the board member killed the kittens. Neither the police nor the humane society would help me out. I feel for this woman and hope that she get some understanding from someone. I had to move to get away from the harassment even though it cost me plenty. My sanity was worth it. Trust me when you get cat haters against you, you have no recourse.”


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3 thoughts on “Woman Feeding Ferals Fears for Her Life After Seeing HOA Email

  1. Once again, I am reminded of why I am a hermit living in the middle of the woods. Why can’t people just leave each other alone?

  2. The homeowner’s association is completely out of line (and out of touch), and I hope that the association realizes that this is going to only hurt the current homeowners. When people do any research on this area prior to purchasing, they will learn that the HOA is hateful towards people and animals.

    If this woman paid for these animals to be spayed/neutered out of her own pocket, and has been continuing to pay for their food, she should be THANKED by the HOA.

    Thank you, Kim Harris!

  3. actually, as kind hearted as you all are – you are not looking at this logically.

    1st – this email between board members is illegal on a lot of levels. maybe not so much in 2013 but definitely is now.

    2nd – The board member is obviously joking but i a litigious society he should know better.

    3rd – The board member who forwarded the email to the homeowner is way out of line and surely going against board code of conduct.

    4th – feeding feral cats is a huge nuisance because in so many of my HOA’s that I manage, it leads to rat or mice infestation. This costs the HOA money to exterminate which in turn costs the homeowners more money in increased dues. The rats do damage to the exterior, electrical, you name it.

    5th – cat food also attracts coyotes which in turn ends up in the feral cats getting eaten anyways.

    6th – when this lady passes away (I had an older lady who was the resident cat lady and she passed) the HOA now has to trap all of these cats, at an expense and then hand them over to ASPCA . . . which means either they get adopted or they are killed.

    many people live in an HOA because they don’t want to deal with the nuisance of neighbors living or behaving in a way they find distasteful. The HOA has every single right(especially if there is a provision in their documents for this specifically or even a nuisance clause) to go after this woman for causing harm to other owners property, HOA maintained items like the structure and generally for being a nuisance. If this woman does not want to comply and she gets fined into oblivion, she should probably consider moving as she has not agreed to the terms that she initially and legally signed at close of escrow.

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