High School Robotics Club Builds Cart For Disabled Kitten

Flipper’s wheeled cart allows her to walk and run, and is helping her to regain the use of her hind legs.

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Flipper in her custom designed cart.


Flipper came to the Aspen Park Veterinary Hospital in Aspen Park, CO a few months ago with a spinal injury that left her hind legs partially paralyzed. The hospital is a regular donor to the Conifer High School Robotics Club. Through that connection, they asked the club to built a cart to help the young cat. After a few months work, the club produced a wheeled cart for Flipper that allows her get around and has therapeutic value. The two wheeled cart attaches to Flipper with a harness. Flipper spends two hours a day in her cart and is already regaining some use of her right hind leg.

Hospital veterinarian H.C. “Doc” Gurney told the Denver Post, “There’s been significant improvement and that supposedly doesn’t happen.”

Flipper will remain a long term resident at the vet hospital. The relationship between the club and the vet hospital has been cemented as truly mutually beneficial, and students have done their part helping an animal in need and the greater community.

Watch a news report on the story:


Conifer High school Robotics Club members
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